March 31, 2006

Digital Roots

Graphic Design has been an important part of my education of PhotoShop and given me more freedom in helping my work flourish in style and color. When I worked in Television Production, I was an assistant editor, this position required an extensive use of a number of Adobe products including Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. My Job included creating logos that exactly matched the logo used by that particular company, matching exact type, even recreating posters used in advertisments for various productions. Besides that, I also helped create type, moving type, and anything that consisted of overlaying object onto video. After the first company I worked for went Bankrupt, I decided to design on a freelance basis. The following works are some of the things that I helped create.Using mainly PhotoShop and Illustrator, I went of creating Flyers, logos, and other graphic heavy materials. Uneducated in graphic design, I thought I did a pretty good job for some of the companies I worked for.

Again, with my Photographs, I use PhotoShop sparingly. I do not alter the orginality of the photograph, move objects, or create objects that do not exist. If I do, I catagorize the work as graphical, not as a photograph. With the intergration of Film into Digital medium, it is so much easier to take out objects that do not fit into the frame. To me, the Photograph itself has taken form once the shutter has been released and the image is now burned to film or to memory. I strongly believe that the photograph is concieved at the place of conception, Once the picture is taken, 85% of the work is already done.

Now, Here is some of the work I created during my year as a freelance designer:

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