October 11, 2005

Photographs to love or hate: not to ignore.....

I recently had a thought about how my photographs affect me, and how I hope to someday have an audience that really enjoys the photographs I take. I can take rejection and I can take acception, the hardest concept to take is somebody ignoring what I have worked so hard to produce.

I am using this blog as a way to show my photographs and maybe get some feedback on some of the work I have done. Please Enjoy!

- Shawn Kringstad

Eager Carousel - sk2004 *

Emerald Waters - sk2004 *

How now, brown cow - sk2004 *

Somber Pumpkin - sk2004 *

Little Pig - sk2004 *

Blooming Star - sk2004 *

The Portrait - sk2004*

Life Sentence - sk2004 *

* Works created before 2004, deemed finshed 2004.

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