October 13, 2005

Photography; The interactive art!

I had someone tell me one time that Photography was not an art. There are just too many people that take pictures and that just shows that it is a hobby. I replied like this: Photography is an art, the only way it is a hobby is if you let the photographs sit and rot in a drawer for the rest of your life. Then the photographs either gets passed down through the generations of your family, they get destroyed, or end up at an estate sale where someone buys them and then tries to sell them one hundred years from now as an antique.

But if you actually do something with your photographs such as scrap booking, detailed album creation, or frame your work to show you are using photography as an interaction. Once you leave this world, you will be able to tell a story about who you where, who the people around you, and what your world was like while you where around. Photography is the art of capturing the world around you at an exact moment and an exact location. Getting involved with your photographs can be a powerful form of therapy that will allow you to remember your life as you grow old.

- Shawn Kringstad

Autumn Shadows - sk2001

Staring Contest - sk2002

Bliss of an Autumn Afternoon - sk2000

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