October 18, 2005


Photography is my output when nothing else in this world seems to be. Now with the addition of writing as my new form of release, I feel I have so much more to offer. Whether I feel alone or crowded, smart or stupid, anxious or calm, or fearful or courageous I know that I have something I can hide myself in. I can express myself in colorful ways that show my mood or use my photography as a way to persuade the mood of others.

By raising the hue I can tell a story of prosperity or give an unrealistic impression that life is a little better than it actually is. I can also lower the hue of my photographs to show a sense of loss or a sense of an aged time that begs the question of what it must have been like then. I have been know to get rid of the colors I cherish to either give an effect of emptiness that one holds somewhere below his mind and behind his soul.

Photography is much more than a standard picture… it is a story that gives you a glimpse of a time or a place. It shows the feeling or mood of that particular time with details that will shove the viewer in that instant state of mind. The power of an image can take the viewer anywhere the destination of the mind can take us. With photography we carve our personalities into the minds of future generations that will someday learn from our examples.

Next time someone shoots your photograph, take some time to think how it may be presented, and what people “the day after tomorrow” will think about you and your surroundings.

- Shawn Kringstad

Untitled under the bridge - sk2000

Frozen to the Bark - sk2003

Exhilaration - sk1998

Oh Deer - sk2004

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