December 12, 2005

More photographs for thought....

Back to showing more work....At the end of the showcased photographs, I am adding some more graphic art work or as I like to call them, eye candy.... As I stated in the photoshop blog that I wrote, I would like to distance my photography with any extreme alterations such as graphic art. I am hoping to keep the integrity of my photography as a clean, ethical, and morally principled art. I specify when it's my photography and when its my graphic art.

The reason I like to do graphic design is because sometimes my photographs would be interesting with a little bit of spice. Each work of art is formed from a photograph(s) that I have shot. With that said......enjoy!


Kansas city untitled - sk2005


"Surro" - sk2003


"Summer's Lush" - sk2004


"The Neon Spirit" - sk2001


"Sunflower Sunshine" - sk2000


"Fall's Crippling Grip" - sk2003


"The Dollar Dance" - sk2003


"Riding the Light" Series print # 4 - sk2005


"Cry of Burgundy" - sk2002


"Making new grounds" - sk2004


"The Leaf Corpse" - sk2001



"The Big Bad Wolf" - sk2004


"Turning Charlie" - sk2003


"Abstract Unknown" - sk2002


"Altered Perception" - sk2004


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